Mom, can I have a pet penguin?

We were supposed to go somewhere two hours away today, but since it was supposed to rain, we didn’t.
Guess where we went instead?

…are you guessing?

…I don’t think you are!


The aquarium! And I got to see the penguins! Yes, I love penguins. And a sea lion winked at me. 🙂 Then afterwards I got a frozen chocolate covered banana, and for dinner we had fish and chips.

So essentially…I saw some fish and ate some fish. Hopefully the fish I ate wasn’t one of the fish that I saw.

So anyways, I’ve been working on my novel a bit more…and I still would be happy if someone wanted to read the first few pages and told me if they would continue reading it or not. 🙂

I need a pool to house that penguin.
-Luna ❤

PS Okay, so technically it's not the first…but I forgot to hit post. <_<

Procrastination: I’ll do it!…Tomorrow.

Remember when I said I would be writing to music?

…Yeah. Even YOU knew that was unrealistic.

So here I am, September 30, 2011, and I wrote maybe…TWO days with music. So I failed. But that “Post a Day” challenge to prepare for NaNoWriMo sounds fun…and maybe this time I’ll stick with it. (:

On a better note…the novel I started in August has been slowly coming along! Granted I’ve only written about 3,000 words of it in the week-ish, but 3,000 is better than 0. (Anyone wanna read it? Yes, it is terrible at the moment…but maybe someday!)

And on a more AWESOME topic, I finally found another person in my town who has seen A Very Potter Musical! That brings the total (including myself) up to…*drumroll*…four. I know. Sad. But the people here either love Harry Potter or hate it.

So about NaNoWriMo: at the moment, I currently have no plot. I want something fun to write, original, interesting, fantasy or mild science fiction. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m going to avoid doing a fanfic, because when I did that in July…um…well I think now is the perfect time to say sorry to all of the people on who favorited me as an author, favorited my story, or put it on alert. I came, I saw, I did not conquer.

To conclude this somewhat short post for the night (my novel has become addicting to write. Seriously. Anyone interested in reading five pages of it and seeing if they would keep reading after that?), I would just like to say that if you’re ever looking to make friends with people, just start talking about squirrels.

It works.

And I will be posting again on here!…Tomorrow.

Writing to Music

I will admit it. I did not complete the August session of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Now, before I get eaten by hungry plot bunnies, I would like to give my excuses!

  1. I started something like 5 or 6 days late because we were on vacation and I didn’t have a computer or the time to sit down for an hour or two and just WRITE.
  2. This one is kind of my fault, but my muse was mean on certain days.
  3. This one really is my fault, but I procrastinated.
  4. This one is MOTHER NATURE’S FAULT!  I was going to do 5K for 5 days to finish NaNo, except that on the 28th we lost power.  THANKS IRENE.  Note the sarcasm.  We didn’t get power back on for 56 hours, at which point we had to clear out the fridge/freezer and take stuff to the dump and attempt to fix my grandparent’s cable.  You know how people say little kids don’t know life without power?  The elderly don’t know life without cable, apparently.
  5. …I’ve got nothing for a 5th one.  It just looked nice.

So, basically, I did in fact write 27,500+ words last month, so I am completely happy. ^_^

On to another topic…

I am going to challenge myself to write 500 words a day (start Sunday <_<) for 26 days.  The rules for myself (and anyone who wants to join in!):

  1. I can only listen to ONE song (or it can be in my head if I’m at school…) for the 500 words.  No “I don’t want to write to this today.”  I’m writing to it.
  2. The 500 words can’t be edited until I finish. (aka what NaNo rules usually state.)
  3. The 500 words must all be ONE SCENE.  I can’t write bits and pieces of different things.
  4. I can continue the scene from the day before if I want, but I MUST listen to the current day’s song.
  5. The songs must be alphabetical!

What does rule number 5 mean, you’re asking?  Well, I just went through my entire Windows Media Player thing and picked the couple best songs from each letter of the alphabet.  I will write to the best one, but list the second or third choices so that other people can possibly be introduced to new music.  (:

I’ll also make a page on this blog just for the list of 26 songs.

Time to introduce myself to some new character!…actually, well, Sunday.  I don’t want to write today, and I’m gonna start on a Sunday so it starts the week.  Or maybe I’m just procrastinating…


(Not sure if this is possible) I could make it all be the same scene and only have one character, but make the character have multiple personality disorder and write his/her 26 different thoughts on the same thing.  No?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  It WOULD be a good character exercise, though.

Actually, on second though, my fanfic hasn’t been updated in nearly 2 months…

Now that I have actually done my update part, I need some help!

Song choices:

  • Come Home (One Republic) or Captains of the Sky (Sky Sailing)?
  • Face Up (Lights) or The Fields of Athenry (The High Kings)?
  • I Wanna Be (Team Starkid as heard in Starship) or If I Ruled the World (Big Time Rush)?
  • Sailboats (Sky Sailing), Secrets (One Republic), or Somewhere Only We Know (Glee Cast Version)?

If you have a few minutes (or are procrastinating), could you go on YouTube and look up a couple of somgs and pick which you think is better?  I can’t decide.

I’ll be posting again Sunday!

Luna ❤

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Get Chocolate.

The Writing Process: Write, cross out, write again.

Writing should be considered a sport.  What do athletes do when they get tired?  Get Gatorade or some sort of power drink.  What do writings do when they get tired?

Get chocolate.
Writings can’t afford to get tired, especially if it’s during NaNoWriMo.  Unfortunately, I got tired.  I am now 11,000 words behind where I am currently supposed to be.
Am I going to give up?  Psh, no way!
Last night I spent some time writing, but unfortunately it ended up being what this picture is.  I started editing. *gasps of shock*  Yes, I know.  Editing during August?  It should be illegal!  So I wrote myself a note from my muse telling me that I had better stop editing.  It worked…a bit.

On to another subject…

So a few nights ago I was bored (read as: avoiding writing because my muse was asleep), and I decided to go through my computer and flash drive to see if I could clear anything out.  What do I find?  Two or three REALLY GOOD story ideas that I’ve barely started!

I found one about pirates, one about phoenixes, and one about alternate worlds.  Is anyone interested in reading something like one of these?  Comment to let me know, and I’ll see about writing it as my NaNoWriMo for November!  (I can’t decide by myself.  Something about being a writer and not being able to put off ideas for long…)

To all of you writings falling behind on your word count:  Keep writing!  It’s not over until…well, your stories never really end.  They’re stuck in your head forever, for better or for worse.

Going back to my word doc titled Augustcampnanowrimo2011,

Luna ❤

Animal Farm

No, this is not about the book. It’s about where I live. I have an eight year old cat and a three year old Jack Russell. Oh, and eight squirrels and a woodchuck named George. George came back today. We saw him eating grass by the shed. And my cat is officially named “Velcro Kitty” because he won’t leave us alone after our half week away without him. My dog is just a princess. ❤

I feel the need to include a woodchuck in my August Camp NaNo novel now. Maybe I shall make it a girl and name it Georgia!

NaNoWriMo update: I'm still at just over 15,000 words. 20K didn't happen last night. Maybe today, then! 5K today and tomorrow and I'll be all caught up!

See you on the farm (aka by backyard),
-Luna ❤

PS I so totally want a chinchilla. ^_^

When you should let your muse sleep

It’s 3PM and you’re supposed to go do something. Do you tell your muse to shut up?
The cat just pooped on your carpet. Do you tell your muse to shut up?
Nah, just take a couple minutes, clean it up, and go back to writing.

It’s bed time but your muse is fully active. You’re writing a great story, but then you write ten words in a row without vowels. Do you tell your muse to shut up?
So, as you can tell, I was writing the other night before bed. I started skipping vowels. Amazingly, the writing wasn’t overly terrible.

I’m currently just over 15,000 words in my novel (which part of it is located on my writing blog), so I’m not doing too badly.  I’m still about 7,000 words behind, but I’ve got roughly 17 days left to catch up.  Not too bad!

My goal is to hit 20K tonight and my huge goal is to catch up to wherever I’m supposed to be.

Now back to watching stuff on blogTV and then I’m returning to NaNo Land.  You can expect another post within a few days!

From the boat that is now Camp NaNoWriMo,

-Luna ❤

Contemplating writing with silly string…

It’s currently day 9 of Camp NaNoWriMo and things aren’t going so well for my novel…but who cares?

I just got the Week 2 message in my Camp NaNo inbox. May I just say that it was hilarious? I think it was just the amount of inspiration that I needed to get writing again!

There’s about 1000 words of my novel up on a separate blog, and I asked one of my friends to read it. Her feedback was enough to get me to write a bit more last night, but now I think I just need creativity. They should make a type of tea for that. Like pink blueberry tea or something. Maybe I’ll do that!

Back on some form of a relative topic.

Camp NaNo isn’t over until it’s over! I hope to hit 5K tonight. Good luck to all the NaNo-ers!


Literary abandon…in a tent!

My month-long novelling adventure has begun!

I tried to participate and win July Camp NaNoWriMo…well that didn’t happen. But it’s now August, it’s a new month, and I’m going to get to that winner’s circle no matter what!

I’m currently at 1001 words, even though the goal is around 12K for today. I went on vacation! It’s not my fault that I’m behind.

But I have learned one thing in my experience of two NaNo’s, two Screnzy’s, and one Camp NaNo (aka July): never give up. In April this year, I participated in Script Frenzy for the second time. I won the first year I did it (2010) with around 104 pages written. This year, though, on the morning of the last day, I had 53/100 pages written. Did I win? Absolutely. I sat at the kitchen table all day and wrote 47 pages. Did they have any plot? Not really, but it was still fun!

So I’m not giving up until the clock runs out. It’s the 8th day of Camp NaNo. We’ve settled into our cabins, unpacked our bags, and picked our bunks. (Granted, the only camp I’ve ever been to was last month’s NaNo, but still.) The plot’s fresh and just waiting to be turned into a story.

See you in another few thousand words!


Hi :)

My name is Luna, and this is the page I created for all things awesome or random, and sometimes, awesomely random.  Thank for taking the time to visit.  I’ll have more up soon!

Luna  ^_^

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